Salesforce Consulting for the Solar and Energy Storage Industries

Using SepiSolar's expertise in solar, our experienced Salesforce consultants build customized Salesforce solutions. With our deep understanding of solar and energy storage products, business models, and services, we develop solutions that work for the solar industry, not just any business.

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SepiSolar's Salesforce consulting services include:

  • Integrating solar BOS equipment databases into Salesforce for modules, inverters, racking, etc.
  • Streamlining "handoffs" from sales to operations, project management, warehouse/inventory, procurement, engineering, installation, utility interconnection, etc.
  • Getting started with Salesforce and building custom-tailored business processes for your solar or storage business
  • Creating a personalized customer portal and modifying existing portals to be more efficient and insightful for your solar sales team
  • Developing strong privacy settings to ensure solar customers in the portal solely have access to their information-not yours or another client's or vendor's
  • Designing cross-platform automation for your software tools; automating Salesforce to work seamlessly with file-sharing programs such as Google Tools, Box, Dropbox, MailChimp, Constant Contact or almost any cloud platform
  • Generating customized automatic document creation for template solar sales documents, contracts, quotes, certificates, etc.
  • Analyzing and improving existing Salesforce sales, customer acquisition and sales staff reporting for residential or commercial sales teams
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