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The principles of verification and validation act as a guiding philosophy for Sepi’s product services. First we ask, are we solving the right problem? Then, are we solving the problem right? This way, we can ensure that the final output is not only a product that works as intended but it also meets the needs of its users.

Market Research & Analysis

Sepi kicks off product development support by defining your market and understanding your position in it, including the governing bodies, rules, and policies that any product must comply with. We set the objectives of research, then pull data from industry reports, public filings, and other sources. This phase concludes with use case analysis, showing how to enter the market and grow.


Sales & Distribution Study

In our sales and distribution study, Sepi shifts the focus from your company and your products over to the customer. We’ll evaluate the target customer, verticals, their persona, acceptance criteria, needs analysis, pain points, among many other items. Then, we will compare this customer analysis with your business model to identify gaps, opportunities, or both (almost always, there are both). Finally, we identify strategies to bridge any gaps, take advantage of the opportunities, how to develop and retain customers, set pricing to optimize revenue and profit, and select the channels for delivering products to the market.


System Design

Sepi’s approach to product design is informed by over 6.5 GW of commercial and utility-scale projects and over 15,000 residential systems. Our insight from project development along with our engineering expertise helps us root out errors in the earliest stages of product design, before the creation of an initial working prototype, when changes are less expensive and easier to implement.



Sepi works with product and technology developers to fulfill one or more areas of expertise needed to commercialize new energy infrastructure: core technology, system integration, manufacturing, supplier due diligence, component research and selection, among many other areas. Our ability to envision and develop a precise prototype provides validation of the requirements specification and verification of the estimated bill of materials so you can set pricing properly for market entry.


Pilot Projects

The pilot build phase offers a final chance to identify and resolve design or build issues that would become far more disruptive in full-scale manufacturing. Upon completion of this proof-of-concept, Sepi supports the creation of production guidelines to minimize risk of failures on the assembly line and any ongoing product iterations needed to further refine the offering, or address additional markets or customer verticals.


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