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The value of expertise applied to the entire project lifecycle is greater than the expertise that arrives too late or departs too early. Sepi established project services as a service category to knock down silos between development, planning, execution, and asset management, increasing value every step of the way.

  • Development
  • Planning
  • Execution
  • Asset Management


As a third-party development manager, Sepi analyzes technical, economic, and regulatory issues to identify and develop the best opportunities for new energy infrastructure. Revenue analysis, site evaluation, and interconnection are among the development services we provide.

Revenue Analysis

Sepi’s revenue analysis helps forecast the financial performance of one or another type of energy technology based on available market prices over the life of the system. We benchmark revenue streams by referencing rates from open markets like RTO’s and ISO’s, comparable power purchase agreements, available feed-in tariffs and, where appropriate, utility net metering programs.


If a project site seems well suited for solar and energy storage infrastructure, Sepi will evaluate site ownership, requirements for site preparation, regulatory approvals, environmental conditions that affect how much energy you can generate, and other factors that can help decide whether to proceed with development.


Sepi’s work on interconnection answers whether your project meets utility or regional regulatory rules for privately owned systems seeking a connection to the electric grid. Projects connecting to the customer-side of the meter, the distribution grid, and the transmission grid go through separate processes that require different levels of expertise.
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Partner with Sepi to level up your project management and project engineering capabilities. We oversee progress on tasks that must be completed to keep projects under budget, on schedule, and within scope, while maintaining the necessary coordination between different members of the project team.

Project Management

Successful projects plan and execute many goals in a limited time. Sepi’s approach is to outline a dependable scope of work aligned with an accountable budget and predictable schedule, keeping changes to a minimum. We also offer document management, subcontractor coordination, contract management, interconnection administration, and procurement, among many other tasks, helping to satisfy many project management needs at once.

Project Engineering

Sepi’s engineering teams perform all tasks necessary to design energy infrastructure as requested by the asset owner or developer. We create civil, structural, and electrical drawings, parts lists, quantity take-offs, and other materials needed for procurement, permitting and interconnection approval. We produce construction-ready plan sets to support implementation. And we verify that installations meet or exceed expectations with on-site inspection services.


Starting with permit approval and ending with project closeout, and through each milestone in between, Sepi keeps eyes and ears on the construction site to make sure projects are moving steadily forward according to construction plans, contracts, and standards for safety and quality.

Construction Management

As a representative for the project owner, Sepi manages construction activities through pre-construction, staging, mobilization, build, commissioning, testing, and closeout to ensure that work is completed as planned. Using routine meetings, inspections, punchlists, RFI’s, facilitating communication, we track safety, compliance, and quality control so deficiencies can be addressed in a timely manner.

Asset Management

When asset operations is aligned with development management, you are more likely to identify, qualify, and monetize the dynamic value of new energy infrastructure, such as by bidding into solicitations for energy storage services. Use our understanding of the entire project lifecycle to maximize profit, managing both revenue and expenses instead of expenses only.

Performance & DAS

Sepi monitors data from SCADA systems or any data acquisition systems capturing real-time and historical system performance. Compared to the modeling created long before construction and commissioning, we look at system production and interpret any notable deficiencies.

Troubleshooting & Diagnostics

Where gaps exist between expected performance and actual performance, what is the best way to close it? Referencing pre-installation data and analyses, Sepi can visit the site and see if conditions have changed. Knowing how solar modules and batteries are supposed to degrade, we can decide the best course of action for asset management. The more involved we are, the more efficient we can be.

O&M Support

Depending on what we learn from troubleshooting and diagnostics, Sepi might recommend operational changes to improve performance or extend the life of the asset. We can also help determine if damage has occurred and, if so, how to proceed with repairs or a warranty claim.

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