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Sections of the electrical grid are becoming saturated and congested, and utility policies are becoming more restrictive; but, the demand for these systems continues to increase. At SepiSolar, we’re integrating creative solutions and technologies to overcome hurdles and get more projects on the grid.

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Great designers consider more than just the technical specifications. SepiSolar engineers consider local regulatory requirements, aesthetics, and cost-effective design solutions to maximize production, reduce equipment costs, and take full advantage of the project’s rate structures, exceeding customer expectations.

Joshua Weiner,
Founder and President

The best engineers in the world are never finished until the project is done.

Aarti Punase,
Solar Design Engineer

Engineers shouldn’t only follow code, but also follow common sense.

Tiffany Hanson,
Project Manager

Engineers should be transparent. We clearly show both customers and permit plan checkers the codes and reasons behind our design choices.

Court McKinney,
Senior Design Engineer

Engineers should be ethical. An ethical engineer is conscious of the impact their work has on the world.

Richard Dobbins,
Chief Electrical Engineer

We believe that SepiSolar customers deserve poised, polite, and prompt communication; polished plan sets; and a continuously improving experience.

Taylor Bohlen,
Senior Design Engineer

We believe that SepiSolar customers are our partners in bringing solar power to prominence.

Ryan Mateo,
Solar Design Engineer

Solar engineering and design in the office

What makes SepiSolar a leading renewable energy engineering services and consulting company?



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We submitted our RFP proposal to the utility today, and I wanted to thank SepiSolar for the excellent service you provided. Your ability to provide a detailed engineering design on a tight turnaround time was impressive. Your input helped us secure an updated solar design that met all of the RFP’s requirements. We look forward to working with SepiSolar again on future projects.”

Travis Stowers,
Power System Application Engineer, Doosan GridTech

Using SepiSolar for designing and engineering Swell Energy’s solar-plus-storage systems was a no-brainer. Storage is complicated, so we wanted to work with a team of U.S.-based quality engineers who could speak ‘fluent storage’ and get out accurate plan sets quickly and with minimal AHJ revisions.”

Andrew Meyer,
Co-Founder, Swell Energy

We’ve been working with SepiSolar since 2010 for our residential, commercial, and industrial solar and energy storage projects. The reason we’ve worked with them for so long is as a result of the quality of work and expertise. Xero Solar stands behind all of our installations, and this is only as good as the design they are built on.”

Ben Lochtenberg,
CEO of Xero Solar

Sunlight Electric has been working with SepiSolar since 2012, and they’re our trusted partner for quality solar engineering work. Their engineering team is current on code, best practices, and their work product is well-received by AHJs.”

Rob Erlichman,
Founder of Sunlight Electric

SepiSolar has been providing us with commercial solar engineering services for the last three years, producing our construction drawings and providing us with useful insight to difficult questions that we run into. We are more than happy with the results, as well as with the relationship that we have with them and will not only continue to use them, but would recommend them to anyone.”

Eric Virkler, P.E.,
Director of Commercial Solar, Earthlight Technologies

CA Small Business Enterprise

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NAICS Codes:
541330 – Engineering services
541340 – Drafting services
541490 – Other specialized design services
541618 – Other management consulting services
541690 – Other scientific and technical consulting services
541990 – All other professional, scientific, and technical services

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811024, 81101701, 81101516, 81101604, 43232614, 81101505

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