Owner’s rep and construction management services

In building construction, project owners often retain a seasoned representative to uphold the owner’s interests at every stage of the project lifecycle. Engage an owner’s rep to ensure that your commercial and industrial solar projects meet all your goals and objectives.


The owner’s rep manages key decision points in a project from conceptual design and feasibility all the way to contractor selection, equipment selection and construction. We also ensure that systems work as promised before the start of operations.

When SepiSolar represents you as an asset owner, we look to validate which energy problems are the right ones to solve. We ask, ‘Which energy solutions meet your needs?’ Then we verify that the chosen energy solutions are designed and built the right way. Many engineering firms start with verification. We tackle validation first.

Owner’s interest above all others

Manage overall project quality with a focus on quality assurance before the start of construction and quality control during and after construction. Ensure that contractors perform according to your agreements every step of the way.

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Expertise in owner’s representation

Balance quality, cost, and timeline while protecting your asset from change orders, grid interconnection issues, and other unforeseen risks.

The right decisions at the right time

Entrust critical project decisions to an independent, unbiased expert representative who can support all of your project owner’s needs from due diligence to asset transfers.

Talk to SepiSolar’s experienced team about how we can represent the owner’s interests for your solar, energy storage, and micro-grid projects.


“An engineering firm with experience in solar and energy storage will bring you the best results. In addition to serving as your representative, we also serve as your engineer.”

Josh Weiner,
CEO, SepiSolar

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541330 – Engineering services
541340 – Drafting services
541490 – Other specialized design services
541618 – Other management consulting services
541690 – Other scientific and technical consulting services
541990 – All other professional, scientific, and technical services

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