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SepiSolar manages our solar engineering projects under the leadership of an engineering manager and a team of project designers and drafters. The engineering manager is responsible for adhering to our seven core responsibilities: customer success, scope, quality, schedule, budget, safety, and liability. Project designers and drafters execute the work product.

Our solar engineering company’s operations personnel, including project coordinators, documentation specialists, subcontractor managers, and operations managers, work in parallel with the engineering staff to oversee account portfolios and company performance throughout solar engineering execution and delivery.

  • Customer Success Align expectations with deliverables. No surprises.
  • Scope Align work effort with project goals. Get the right job done.
  • Quality Leverage years of knowledge and experience. Get the job done right.
  • Schedule Coordinate work effort with project timeline. Get the job done on time.
  • Budget Manage financial success. Get the job done profitably.
  • Safety No hazards or injuries. Put people and their families’ lives first.
  • Liability Manage short- and long-term risks. Classic risk management.

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SepiSolar approaches solar engineering in three key stages: planning, execution and closeout.


In the planning phase, our team collects project data, solidifies the engineering plan, identifies risks and defines subsequent milestones to execute the plan and retire risks. Planning includes:

  • Review of proposed project & related requirements

Identify risks, critical paths with implementation, areas of inefficiency, and opportunities to add value. Project review is a collaboration with at least one dedicated member of your team who is familiar with the entire project.

  • Project verification & validation

Assess critical details and risk items that require immediate attention.

  • Initial design

Communicate major project details, presenting recommendations for added value and the overall project solution.


In the execution phase, our team follows a structured process to develop a permit package for application and provides maintenance to steer your project through permit approval and construction, inspection and testing. Execution includes:

  • 50% design

Discuss work-in-progress so you have a chance to share opinions or change your mind about any details we’re adding to the engineering plans. This is a communication exercise to the fullest, providing collaboration between your team and ours.

  • Final design

Capture in a 90% final design package all project details, calculations, drawings, specifications, and requirements necessary to permit, build, and place the proposed system into service.

  • Permit plan set

After incorporating your feedback and changes to the 90% design, review and certify final, client-approved design, attaching professional liability and associated errors & omissions insurance to completed solar engineering and design work.

  • Permitting & utility interconnection

Respond to any comments, corrections or clarifications from authorities in charge of fire safety, building codes, electrical codes, planning, interconnection, engineering and public policy. We support contractors with interpretations and response verbiage for speedy processing of responses and revisions.

  • Construction

Offer technical consult or design advice in the field to your construction management crews.


In the closeout phase, SepiSolar delivers revised a revised permit plan set with field modification redlines and places a professional engineering (PE) stamp on the final design. Closeout includes:

  • Recording & documentation

Provide as-built drawings to help document and record the final installation. This gives future field service or construction teams complete and up-to-date information. Other projects that share structural systems or utility interconnection can use this information for their project planning and execution.

Talk to a solar engineer today.

Talk to a solar engineer today.


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541490 – Other specialized design services
541618 – Other management consulting services
541690 – Other scientific and technical consulting services
541990 – All other professional, scientific, and technical services

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