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It’s Energy Week—the perfect time to consider our residential or commercial solar services if you haven’t already. While the Trump Administration’s goal is for our country to become “energy dominant,” you can make a difference just by going solar. While plans to boost fossil fuel production may harm our environment, if we promote energy efficiency and sustainable resources, we can offset some of the harmful effects of greenhouse emissions.

The Plan for Energy Dominance

The Administration recently shared its plans to become self-reliant from other nations. This would make us a secure nation, free from dependency on the countries who use energy as an economic weapon. We would no longer be impacted by geo-political turmoil endured in these regions of the world. Since 1953, the United States has be a major net energy importer; with technological advancements, this can change. The Administration’s goal is to use these innovations to make our great nation a net exporter of natural gas by 2028. This would mean more job growth and expansion across the industry. Yet what will the environment impact be?

How to Make a Difference

What we can focus on now as individuals and business owners is utilizing sustainable energy sources and overall efficiency practices. It’s more important than ever to reduce our collective carbon footprint—and going solar is the perfect way to do this. When you install solar panels, combustion is unnecessary to power your home or building. This means no gas emissions and no environmental repercussions. You’ll also decrease your personal or business’ dependence on energy generated by fossil fuels, which reduces demand on utility companies.

Another way to help the environment and conserve resources is to employ energy efficiency on a personal level. Efficient technologies reduce waste and provide the same level of service using less energy. For example, many have taken to using compact fluorescent bulbs in lieu of traditional incandescent ones, as the former uses less electricity. This kind of practice helps even if you have solar, as it can contribute to your overage. Another great example of energy efficiency is insulation. Insulated homes and buildings require less energy to cool or heat.

If you’re ready to make a considerable difference, contact us now for information about our residential and commercial solar services.

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