Site Survey & Permit Processing

Solar Permit Processing

We provide site evaluation and permit processing services to acquire on-site technical data, verify installation feasibility, expedite permit approvals, and streamline the overall construction process:

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On-Site Technical Data

Our site survey team will travel to the proposed job site to acquire various pieces of technical information that enable the construction processes.

Check out our Site Survey Checklist to see the information we acquire on-site:

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The information gathered in this checklist includes sketches, photos (close-up’s and panorama’s), and various specific data points that can be used to assist engineers, operations departments, installers, and logistics to identify roof access locations, staging areas, identify locked fences / gates, potential inverter locations, point of connection, condition of the roof and electrical distribution panels, and several other helpful pieces of information to streamline the installation process.

Installation Feasibility

Our site survey teams will be able to identify potential red flags that may prevent a solar system from being installed as intended. For instance… Is the solar breaker size too large for the “120% rule”? If so, we can offer solutions!

Is the PV array too large for the amount of roof space available, given roof sizes, sources of shading, roof obstructions, etc? If so, we can offer alternatives locations for the PV array, or re-size the system to maximize available space!

Are there any “gotcha’s” or special considerations that need to be made for the City or utility company that might prevent the installation from receiving final inspection approval? We can catch those up-front, as early in the process as possible to avoid delays downstream!

Permit Processing

Do you have trouble keeping track of all the idiosyncrasies that permitting offices require for solar installations? Do you know all the tips-and-tricks that help expedite permit approvals? Our permitting experts have both the administrative and technical expertise to expedite the permit approval process in order to get your project moving as quickly as possible. We provide regular updates so that you always know the status of your permit, at any time.

Providing a Turnkey Sales Contract-to-Permit Service

We believe that providing a consolidated service that includes site surveys, drafting plans, and permit processing, all under the supervision of one firm that specializes in solar installations, is the most cost-effective and efficient way to accelerate solar integration in our community. Whether you’re a sales organization that needs operational support, an installation organization that needs technical support, or a turnkey EPC firm that wants to expand and needs overflow support, we’re here to support your projects.

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