The SepiSolar Design & Engineering Process

Eliminating Change Orders through Collaboration & Efficiency

The success of every solar project relies on the accuracy of a complete permit set. But not every solar engineering firm produces permit sets in the same way. SepiSolar use a proprietary process with which we provide you with check points at 10%, 30%, 60%, 90% and 100% of project completion, which allows you to make revisions—without project-slowing change orders—all while we continue developing the full permit set. Our process means your projects are always accurate and cost-efficient.

Once an NDA and all appropriate estimates are approved and signed, we can begin work. In order to do so, we require the following:

  • Site Survey Checklist completed, including:
    • Site Location
    • Utility Company
    • AHJ
    • Module selection
    • Inverter selection
    • Measurements and dimensions
  • Applicable photos of site

At this early state, SepiSolar delivers:

  • Dimensioned Site Layout
  • Dimensioned System Layout
  • Block Diagram/Single Line Diagram (SLD)
  • Array Configuration
  • System Specifications
  • System Maximum Voltage Calculations
  • AC System Summary
  • 120% Rule Calculation (as applicable)

This first deliverable allows you to:

  • Apply for Interconnection Application
  • Validate the design by verifying the locations, quantities, and compatibilities of major equipment (aka dimensional analysis)
  • Get approval from customer on equipment layout/locations on-site

In order to move to the next step, we require approval and/or any changes required to the preliminary deliverable. Rather than just addressing the requested revisions, we also proceed with the general electrical layout and 3-line diagram.

Our “30%” deliverable at this stage includes:

  • Modifications from previous iteration
  • General electrical layout (conduit routes, equipment clearances)
  • Preliminary 3-line diagram

This deliverable allows you to:

  • Place purchase orders for major equipment
  • Get lead times for major components and refine project CPM schedule

We’re now more than half-way to completion. To proceed, we require approval and/or any changes required to the 30% deliverable.

Our deliverable at this stage includes:

  • Modifications from previous iteration
  • Electrical Layout with DC String Map (additional page)
  • Wire and Conduit Schedule
  • Conduit Fill & Temp Derate Calculations
  • Conductor Calculations

This “60%” deliverable allows you to:

  • Verify adequate minor materials (conduit, wire, etc) in the warehouse
  • Develop a BOM (Bill of Materials)

We’re nearing completion but require approval and/or any changes required to the most recent deliverable.

Our “90%” deliverable includes:

  • Modifications from previous iteration
  • Title Page
  • Notes Page
  • Mounting and Racking Method
  • Electrical Elevations
  • Construction Details
  • Block Diagram and Safety Placards
  • Additional Notes and Signage Requirements
  • Equipment Datasheets

This 10+ page deliverable allows you to:

  • Prepare installation crew (verify means-and-methods and constructability)

To proceed, we require approval and/or any changes required to the 90% deliverable. At the completion of this stage, the project will be complete.

Our 15+ page deliverable at this stage includes:

  • Modifications from previous iteration
  • Incorporation of design documents/sheets from other engineering disciplines (structural, geotech, architectural, etc.)
  • Engineering Stamps

This final deliverable allows you to:

  • Submit application to AHJ for Permitting
  • Shift liability to separate company (us/SepiSolar)

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