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We offer FLAT FEE Solar Design and Engineering Services with REVISION CONTROL INCLUDED at no extra cost.


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We can support customized projects that include:

  • Roof-Mounts
  • Ground-Mounts
  • Carports (Parking Canopies)
  • Trackers (single-axis, dual-axis, azimuth)
  • Batteries (off-grid/back-up or on-grid/peak-shaving/load-leveling)
  • Wind Turbines
  • Tough AHJ's (Palo Alto, LADWP, NYC, etc.)
  • Direct-Burial, Cable Tray, Wire Harnesses
  • DC-DC Converters/Optimizers, micro-inverters

Our packages come complete with:

  • Title page
    • Sheet index
    • Governing Codes section
    • Vicinity map, parcel map, aerial view
    • Summary of work

  • PV Layout
    • Includes locations for all major components and equipment
    • Attachment point spacing
    • Conduit runs
    • Solar PV array location and dimensions

  • Anchoring Method
    • Elevation of attachment method (to roof or grade, depending on application)
    • Weather-proofing details (flashing, sealant, roof type, etc.)
    • Racking and mounting hardware
    • Foundation details

  • Wiring Diagram
    • 3-line wire diagram
    • Wire and conduit sizing
    • String / Branch circuit sizing for DC and AC systems
    • Grounding details
    • Interconnection method (breaker, line-side splice, subpanels, etc.)
    • All calculations per NEC shown explicitly (conduit fill, temperature coefficients, etc.) including voltage drop calculations
    • System specifications: max system voltage, operating voltage, max system current, operating current, for both DC and AC systems
  • Signage
    • Language and details for all required placards and directories, per the NEC
    • Specifications of placard physical sizes and allowable material

  • Specification Sheets
    • Solar Modules
    • Inverters
    • Racking

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