Manage Risks When Installing Lithium Battery Systems

Lithium Battery Safety White Paper

It’s tempting to think that energy storage can start to truly transform the grid as soon as the financial benefits clearly outweigh the costs, but there’s more work to do. Lithium batteries still carry more risk than many people wish to accept.

Our free Lithium Battery Safety White Paper explains why people underestimate battery risks and how to evaluate lithium batteries for safety. It also offers a use case in project design for resilience.

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After reading the paper you should be able to:

  1. Calculate the value of resilience and flexibility from storage
  2. Compare resilient batteries with subsidized insurance
  3. Identify up to five tests of a battery cell’s thermal runaway characteristics

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Battery testing to failure

Why Read the Paper?

Battery fires are preventable: Those who do not learn from the recent history of lithium fire incidents are doomed to repeat it.

If you’re not selling bigger batteries, you should be: While smaller batteries minimize upfront costs, bigger batteries maximize the value of resilience.

Small steps today lead to a safer, more flexible grid: Anyone who procures batteries has the power to demand safety data and use the data to shape industry standards for years to come.

Plan for Grid Outages

Figure out ahead of time what a blackout would cost your business and how to become more resilient.

Prevent Thermal Runaway

If you know the conditions that contribute to battery failure, you have far greater control to prevent failures from happening.

Design for Resilience

Some extra spending on fire safety, even if it brings a modest increase in CapEx, may deliver the best insurance that money can buy.

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