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Solar Design Consulting

SepiSolar offers technical consulting services to support a wide range of industry stakeholders including product developers, third-party owners (leasing / PPA companies), investors of new products and business ventures (technical due diligence), market research and reporting.

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Energy Storage Development

Energy storage is the key enabler for an energy economy generated by renewables.

With current rate structures, incentives, and declining battery system costs, we have identified key markets for the deployment of these early-stage applications of already-proven technologies.

SEPISOLAR has extensive experience with start-up companies dedicated to energy storage integration, has successfully sold / developed cutting-edge lithium-ion and flow battery systems in the field, and has supported due diligence efforts to secure new funding opportunities.

We can assist you with:

  • Business development and go-to-market strategies
  • Product development and system integration with solar PV based on existing / tested energy storage technologies
  • Cash flow analysis, leasing / financing strategies, rate analysis, demand charge savings modeling, sales origination & proposals
  • Product & system research, development, and due diligence

Balance-of-System Product Development & Strategy

The PV industry has gone through myriad transformations, development cycles, and product / system generations.

Leverage our experience to take advantage of the industry’s successes and mitigate potential failures.

  • Integrated solar panels, distributed electronic technologies, balance-of-system components, racking / mounting solutions and hardware.

  • NRTL (CSA, Intertek / ETL, and UL) certification testing consulting services and Code-compliance

  • Go-To-Market strategy, cost structure, revenue / incentive research, cash flow analysis, business model development

Technical Education & Training:

There are many schools and education programs dedicated to solar PV. Leverage our experience to develop:

  • Course Curricula & Syllabi
  • Lesson plans
  • Some past examples of courses taught and developed:

    1. Advanced Solar PV System Design & Project Management
    2. Introduction to Solar Energy Industry: The Basics
    3. Introduction to Engineering: The Financier’s Perspective
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