Partner and Customer Testimonials

  • Mark L.
    As the manager of a large solar company’s design and engineering department, I have worked with numerous firms over many years. These design and engineering firm’s principals and employees number into the hundreds. I unequivocally endorse Sepsolar as by-far the best solar design company in existence. Their leadership, management and designers are consummate professionals and without a doubt, the greatest this industry has to offer. They are extremely experienced, responsive, accommodating and fair. They have always been forward-thinking and trendsetting and their submission process is very innovative and user-friendly. Sepisolar’s impressive portfolio includes a wide-range of projects throughout the U.S. and they enthusiastically embrace new concepts and technology. I have learned a lot from them and am proud to include this company in my network
  • Eric L.
    SepiSolar has been an invaluable part of the extended CivicSolar design group. Sepi has helped us to scale our design services on pace with our sales growth without compromising the quality or responsiveness that our customers expect. SepiSolar’s team is capable of handling a broad spectrum of designs including residential, commercial and energy storage projects. Time and time again, SepiSolar’s experienced and knowledgeable design team has produced high quality documents that AHJs across the country have come to respect. SepiSolar’s detailed, timely, knowledgeable, responsive, and consistent service provides our team with extra hours each week to focus on strengthening relationships with our existing customers and to form new relationships with potential customers
  • Ryan S.
    5 Stars. The best, and most accurate, PV Solar plans you'll ever receive.The depth of knowledge at Sepi is evident from the start, and they routinely check for functionality on every project. Our crews could not only clearly understand every one-line diagram,but could also build off it to ensure a project's success. I never once had a building department question their plan sets when acquiring permits. They are THE standard in PV plan creation
  • Dave S.
    I had an excellent experience with SepiSolar. Josh and Joel did a first class job creating our solar system design and plans in a timely manner. I went to the Walnut Creek building department today and was issued a permit immediately on the first try. The plans were complete and complied with all necessary building codes. Thank you Josh and Joel
  • Thomas A.
    SepiSolar made it so much easier. We finally got approval from both of our plan checkers at the city
  • Michael R.
    Josh Weiner will go above and beyond all of your needs. He’s spent countless hours solving problems with design, I highly recommend him as an expert in his field
  • Scottie S.
    Josh Weiner (SepiSolar President) is funny, honest, cheerful and fun to work with. Best of all, he’s an engineering genius with a penchant for Solar. I would not hesitate to stake my reputation on recommending him. He’s that good
  • Jason H.
    I really appreciate all your help, I gotta say SepiSolar is the best thing that ever happened to me outside of my wife and kids. I now have the security to bid projects knowing that I have the right partners in place
  • Mark F.
    Very impressed with SepiSolar. Everyone is great to work with and very responsive. I enjoyed working with them on designing a complicated PV+Battery solution. I am glad that we were able to collaborate together and come up with a great solution

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