Terms of Service and Disclaimer

SepiSolar is not a state-licensed professional engineering (PE) firm, a state-licensed architectural firm, nor a state-licensed contractor. SepiSolar does NOT author installation instructions, have the authority to make interpretations of any codes, nor perform professional services as defined in California Corporations Code sections 13401(a) and 13401.3. SepiSolar does, however, refer professional services to state-licensed professionals (including engineers) on an as-needed basis.

As a drafting services firm, SepiSolar follows all installation instructions and specifications included with the standard, pre-engineered, and listed components used in any particular PV or energy storage system. Thus, SepiSolar is a service provider for licensed contractors to help streamline the installations of solar PV systems. 

Additionally, all systems drafted by SepiSolar should:

1) Have permits issued by local municipalities and/or Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ’s) as required by local, state, and federal health and safety codes, laws, and standards.
2) Only include products that have already gone through significant product testing, e.g., Underwriters Laboratory (UL), Electrotechnical Laboratory (ETL), Canadian Standards Association (CSA), third-party professional analyses, etc.
3) Be installed by state-licensed contractors under the appropriate license category as required by the state licensing board. State-licensed contractors have familiarity with construction contracting, workmanship standards, codes, and industry resources needed to install effective and safe systems

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